Happy Feet = Happy Day, Knowing When to Leave those Spikes in the Closet

I pulled out my favorite black pumps today to wear to work with a black skirt and my Jacksonville Jaguar colored suit jacket. I looked at the shoes for a moment and felt a little daring. I think I will dump the sensible pumps for my favorite patent leather stilettos with a stylishly pointed toe. Yeah! I have a presentation to give and those shoes will look so good! Plus, I didn’t have much walking to do today.

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Dress for Success: 3 Things You Can Do to Get Noticed at Work

Dressing for success isn’t easy. After all, no one ever tells us how to dress before our first day of work in the corporate world. We usually turn to Google for the answers, but end up more confused than where we started in the first place. So, what are three things you can work on this week to dress for success? Below are three tips to help get you started in the right direction:

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