In the Mind of a Seasoned Professional: Since When Did I Become Yoda?

Megan works with me at my new job. She’s been with the company maybe two years and at her young age she really knows the ropes. I was told to ask her any questions I have about the company and she will help me get acclimated. She is always very accommodating and you just can’t help but like her. The other day we were attending a meeting together and making small talk. She mentioned it was her Mom’s birthday this past weekend and I told her my daughter turned 27 on the same day. Megan said her birthday was last month and she also turned 27. Continue reading

Discovering the Gap: It’s #EqualPayDay

Today is Equal Pay Day. A day that really shouldn’t exist. But, it does, and for a very good reason. According to Levo League, women in our society spend about 57 days a year working for free. Below is a great video from BuzzFeed to help introduce you to that pay gap:

So, how do you ask for what you deserve?

We ask for things in the business world every day. We ask for portions of the budget for projects. We ask for more money when putting together business propositions to help increase our efficiency at work. And, we ask for more money when trying to improve communications between your business and the end customer. So, why is it that we freeze and stumble when asking for a higher salary?

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Where’s My Youthful Exuberance?

My first job was a cashier at Hardee’s. My boss’ name was Gil and I can see his face in my mind like it was yesterday. Gil had a nickname for me, “Youthful Exuberance.” Pretty big word for a fast food chain assistant manager, but it had an effect on me. Every day when I bounded into the restaurant after school, eager and ready to start my three-hour shift, Gil would say, “There she is youthful exuberance, everyone out of her way.” I wasn’t sure exactly what exuberant meant and we didn’t have Google back then to search it, but I knew it was a compliment.

Gil’s label stuck with me. With my high energy and enthusiastic attitude, I darn near raised my hand to volunteer for any task. When I interned at a small network television station my exuberance gained me the confidence of the assignment editor and before you knew it I was lugging TV cameras (film back then) to stories and getting some on-camera time at only 18 years-old. They loved my high energy and “can do” attitude. I learned quickly that exuberance took me places. It ended up being the key to my success.

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What’s your elevator speech?

You’re heading out for lunch and the elevator doors open, only to find the CEO of your company standing there. So, you join him or her in the elevator and they ask, “So, what do you do?” Well that’s a fantastic question! But, you only have 30 seconds to answer it. Do you have your elevator speech ready?

Instead of stumbling and blabbering about what you do only to find yourself out of time and embarrassed, have your elevator speech ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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