Business Blunders: 3 Ways to Tell You Aren’t Listening

Ever sit next to that person on the plane that just won’t stop talking? You put your ear buds in and they STILL continue to blabber on about their brother’s friend’s mother and her small poodle that does amazing tricks. So, you pull your jacket over your head and yet they still can’t seem to get the hint that you don’t want to be bothered. This is a prime example of not “listening” to body language.

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Customer Service Done Right: Spotlight on Sticker Mule

Picture this…you’ve got a very important convention coming up that your company is running. You are currently preparing for the trade fair, the fancy dinners, the guest speakers and so much more. Two weeks before the convention, your team decides to include custom made stickers at your corporate booth as handouts to your guests. So, you order the stickers through Sticker Mule (a custom sticker company that you found through Google).

Just to be safe you order the expedited two-day air shipping, just in case there is a delay. Low and behold, that delay occurs. Two days after your order is supposed to arrive you call UPS to see where your order is located, only to find out that they’ve LOST your stickers.¬† Continue reading

Discovering the Gap: It’s #EqualPayDay

Today is Equal Pay Day. A day that really shouldn’t exist. But, it does, and for a very good reason. According to Levo League, women in our society spend about 57 days a year working for free. Below is a great video from BuzzFeed to help introduce you to that pay gap:

So, how do you ask for what you deserve?

We ask for things in the business world every day. We ask for portions of the budget for projects. We ask for more money when putting together business propositions to help increase our efficiency at work. And, we ask for more money when trying to improve communications between your business and the end customer. So, why is it that we freeze and stumble when asking for a higher salary?

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What’s your elevator speech?

You’re heading out for lunch and the elevator doors open, only to find the CEO of your company standing there. So, you join him or her in the elevator and they ask, “So, what do you do?” Well that’s a fantastic question! But, you only have 30 seconds to answer it. Do you have your elevator speech ready?

Instead of stumbling and blabbering about what you do only to find yourself out of time and embarrassed, have your elevator speech ready to go at a moment’s notice.

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