5 Things That Happen to Young Professionals in Their “Late” 20’s

1. You may wish that you would have kept a diary.
Remembering what happened last year can be tough, yet 10-15 years ago. Actually, I can’t even remember what I did yesterday. Time suddenly starts to blend together, as your days get busier and busier and you’ll wish that you could have something to look back on. Good thing is, many of us have Facebook or even MySpace to look back on. Live Journal anyone?

2. You’ll learn how to save money…or at least try to.
In your late 20’s, you’ll be paying back school loans, maybe have a car payment or even a house to look after. Saving money becomes not just a maybe, but a have to. The thought of a rainy day fund becomes more and more important as your responsibility of adult-ness increases.

3. You may suddenly start to feel “old”.
I got out of bed this morning and my back was sore, then my knee made a cracking sound. What on earth is happening? Then my husband reminded me that I’m “getting old”. Minus the physical signs of aging, you’ll notice that you’re no longer the young-ling in the office. You’ll start to use past tense when speaking of the beginning of your career instead of using present tense…that’s when you’ll start to feel old.

4. You may feel like you don’t fit in (in some cases)…
In some more mature industries, you may feel like the odd person out because of your age. You may have 5+ years experience now, but everyone still views you as the ‘young-in” and therefore it’s hard to gain respect and traction.

5. You learn to be YOU. After years of trying to be perfect, you learn that being your true self is better than pretending to be someone that you’re not. If you have to pretend, then that’s a big warning sign that you’re not in the right environment. Run away, and run away fast!

Young professionals have so many different experiences and stories to tell. So, what things have you learned as a young professional? Feel free to comment below!

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