Happy Feet = Happy Day, Knowing When to Leave those Spikes in the Closet

I pulled out my favorite black pumps today to wear to work with a black skirt and my Jacksonville Jaguar colored suit jacket. I looked at the shoes for a moment and felt a little daring. I think I will dump the sensible pumps for my favorite patent leather stilettos with a stylishly pointed toe. Yeah! I have a presentation to give and those shoes will look so good! Plus, I didn’t have much walking to do today.

Bad idea.

Wouldn’t you know it? Today ended up being one of those days, when I had to move around way more than normal. I forgot my cell phone in my car, so I had to run back down three stories and out to the parking lot. Our meeting room was on the far side of the building, and due to construction, I had to walk the long way around. Back and forth back and forth, clippity-clop in my pretty high heels. “Oh you want me to run to the copy machine? Sure. No problem.” Clippity-Clop, ouch, clippity-clop.

Walk to lunch, um can’t we ride? No? Ouch. I looked at my Fitbit and I was on four dots by noon. I kept looking down at my aching feet and wishing my boring comfy sensible low heeled shoes were there, or better yet my flip flops. But no, the pleasure of wearing these beauties felt more like blue crabs hanging onto my toes clinging tighter with their claws with each step.

It was time for me to give my presentation and I had to STAND to do so. I could barely keep my mind on the presentation because all I could think of was my aching toes. When it was over, I limped to my desk falling into my chair and snapped at the mail guy for bumping his cart into my aching foot.

How could one’s feet make their entire body feel so badly? Two little shoes that cause physical pain and mental anguish. So much pain, that I get a strong desire to kick them off and run barefoot sliding across the boardroom like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. PMS is nothing compared to bad shoes and aching feet!

As I wobbled to the car, my Fitbit buzzed a congratulatory 10,000 steps achieved for that day. I kicked the crabs off before I even unlocked the car door and stood there barefoot in the parking lot. The gravel between my toes felt like cotton compared to those vices. As I climbed barefoot into the car, I swore I would save the fancy spiked heels for hot dates, charity balls and class reunions, but not at work….tomorrow the sensible pumps would be back (if they fit on my swollen aching feet).

There are a lot of things that can lead to being successful at work. But, good, comfortable shoes for women and men should be on the top of the list. So, keep those sexy spikes in the back of the closet.

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