Dress for Success: 3 Things You Can Do to Get Noticed at Work

Dressing for success isn’t easy. After all, no one ever tells us how to dress before our first day of work in the corporate world. We usually turn to Google for the answers, but end up more confused than where we started in the first place. So, what are three things you can work on this week to dress for success? Below are three tips to help get you started in the right direction:

Tip #1: Don’t participate in Casual Friday…

Business as usual, even on a Friday? Yep! Dressing in your normal Monday through Thursday work clothes (even on a Friday) can help get the point across that you’re serious about what you do. It’s okay to dress down some on a Friday, but steer clear from the jeans and sneakers. Men, if you usually wear a suit coat during the week, leave the coat at home and stick to a button down shirt and slacks. Ladies, if you usually wear a dress or a skirt during the week, you can leave the blouse in your closet and dress up a tee with a fancy necklace. That way, you’re still in business casual, but not risking being under-dressed if you so happen to cross paths with the CEO on a Friday afternoon.

Tip #2: Keep it neat…

When I was in the military, we spent hours painstakingly ironing every wrinkle out of our shirts and pants. Being wrinkle-free is a large part of what makes the uniformed members of our Armed Forces so breathtaking. The perfectly hemmed pants. The shirt tucked in with ironed creases. All of this attention to detail adds up to make one perfectly polished look. So, take an extra 10 minutes to iron your shirt, crease your pants, and insure they are stain-free. Being sloppy or wearing wrinkled clothes is a great way to get noticed in the WRONG way. This includes your hair as well. Keep a comb at your desk just in case you run into one of those windy hair-wrecking days.

Tip #3: Dress to represent who YOU are…

There is no need to wear clothing or patterns that don’t represent who you are. If you like those bright spring colors, wear them! You can wear a solid color suit with a colorful blouse or shirt to help match it to your personality. Or, maybe you’ve never liked to wear heels. Stick to a nice pair of comfortable flats instead.

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