Customer Service Done Right: Spotlight on Sticker Mule

Picture this…you’ve got a very important convention coming up that your company is running. You are currently preparing for the trade fair, the fancy dinners, the guest speakers and so much more. Two weeks before the convention, your team decides to include custom made stickers at your corporate booth as handouts to your guests. So, you order the stickers through Sticker Mule (a custom sticker company that you found through Google).

Just to be safe you order the expedited two-day air shipping, just in case there is a delay. Low and behold, that delay occurs. Two days after your order is supposed to arrive you call UPS to see where your order is located, only to find out that they’ve LOST your stickers. 

This happened to me just a few days ago. The customer service I received from UPS was far from acceptable. After they told me my stickers were lost, they took down my email and phone number to “update me” and since then have never received an actual update. Seeing that UPS would be no help to me, I got in touch with Sticker Mule through Twitter (@StickerMule).

Sticker Mule 1

With Sticker Mule’s fast response on Twitter, they told me to email them via their online web form. I quickly took their advice and emailed Sticker Mule, getting an INSTANT reply (just 8 MINUTES after my first email). Not only was this reply instant, but it was instant on a FRIDAY night at 8PM! Now, I’m definitely impressed and right off the bat they’ve begun to turn my panic from UPS into a sense of relief. Just 12 minutes after that, Sticker Mule informed me that they could do a reprint and ship it to Dallas in time for the trade show (just FOUR business days away).

sticker mule 2
On Monday morning at 8:52am, I received a shipping confirmation with one-day overnight shipping. Low and behold I get here to Dallas and there are my stickers, ready and waiting for me. Now that my friends, is called outstanding customer service! Sticker Mule took on the problem that belonged to UPS and made their own. They quite literally OWNED this situation and turned my panic to relief and then turned my relief into amazement. They not only met my deadline of the trade show, they truly surpassed all expectations. There aren’t many companies out there anymore that really take these kinds of issues by the horns. Many companies would have apologized for UPS and said it was out of their control.

As we all know, when there is a negative situation we’ll go tell 10 to 20 people and when there is a positive situation, we’ll tell one or two people about it. So, I’m reversing the tides and telling everyone about this VERY POSITIVE customer service experience. I really wish there were more companies out there like Sticker Mule.

Please share this great story of outstanding customer service!

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