Discovering the Gap: It’s #EqualPayDay

Today is Equal Pay Day. A day that really shouldn’t exist. But, it does, and for a very good reason. According to Levo League, women in our society spend about 57 days a year working for free. Below is a great video from BuzzFeed to help introduce you to that pay gap:

So, how do you ask for what you deserve?

We ask for things in the business world every day. We ask for portions of the budget for projects. We ask for more money when putting together business propositions to help increase our efficiency at work. And, we ask for more money when trying to improve communications between your business and the end customer. So, why is it that we freeze and stumble when asking for a higher salary?

  • Keep in mind that every situation and every company is different. With slim budgets these days, it’s hard to justify a raise. However, the right plan and the right pitch can help you gain the edge.
  • It all starts with preparation, and lots of it! Have solid data with a list of additional responsibilities you have taken on in your role.
  • Be confident! Sit tall and speak with confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, your boss won’t either.
  • Lastly, be thankful! Regardless of what happens, be grateful for the time your boss took to hear your pitch.

Ask for more (whether it be a promotion or a higher salary). At the least, your boss will appreciate the initiative and know that you are serious about progressing through the company. Keep in mind that just because you ask, it doesn’t always mean you’ll get it. No matter what happens, you’ll learn from the experience and be more comfortable asking again in the future.


Feature Photo: Shutterstock

Levo League, April 14, 2015,

BuzzFeed Video, April 14, 2015,

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