Find a Mentor and then Find Another


No matter where you are in your career, we all can benefit from a mentor. Not sure how to find one? Follow these simple steps below to begin reaping the benefits of the mentor/mentee relationship.

  1. Start with someone you already know at your workplace (usually outside your chain of command). Maybe it’s someone in branding or marketing.
  2. Send them quick email asking to meet with them to discuss the path they took to get where they are today.
  3. In the meeting, ask them a few questions regarding not just what they did over the years, but HOW they got there. Did they get promotions through networking or were they approached with the offer? These are great questions to ask!
  4. At the end of the meeting, ask to meet again. At this point you can mention that you think they would make a great mentor and that you both could learn from each others experience.
  5. Most importantly, don’t forget to say Thank You!

Tip: Bring a lot of questions to your meeting and do some research before you meet. You’ll be well prepared and your mentor will see that. Questions can range from career paths and promotions to work-life balance and extracurricular activities. But, initially, keep it professional and let your mentor drive the conversation to the more personal topics.

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